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Welcome to Go Tri - a fun way to access triathlon for the first time

Go Tri

GO TRI Skipton is a fun way to access triathlon for the first time. GO TRI events are reasonably priced, with manageable distances, which have been purposely designed for novices. GO TRI Skipton is a grass roots event, run by volunteers using minimal marshals to allow the event to keep entry costs down and make it as accessible as possible.


As this is a grass roots event, you will receive an overall time but not split times. Your time will be from the moment that you start the swim to when you cross the finishing line upon completion of the run. The finishing times will be sent to you via email by the end of the day. Please don't ask our marshals at the end of the event for your finishing time as they need to focus on making sure everybody finishes the event safely and with the correct recorded finishing time.


Registration will be located outside of the pool entrance. The briefing will take place on the pool side at 6:50am so please make sure that you have everything ready and in place by then and you are ready to start your swim.

In registration you will receive:

Please register before putting your equipment into the transition area as you will need your bike sticker.


A map of the transition area is shown below.

transition map

Please make sure you are familiar with where the "swim in", "bike out", "bike in" and "run out" are. The bikes will be positioned in lines within the transition area along with any equipment that you may need (store in front of your bike). Please can we ask that there is no nudity in transition. If you do wish to get changed after the swim, you can do so in the swimming pool changing rooms. Please be aware that the transition area is not under cover.

The Swim

There will be six lanes and we will set everybody off in waves of 6 (1 person per lane). Please be aware that you will start in the water and dive starts are not allowed. You will swim in a clockwise or anti clockwise direction within your lane - the marshal will tell you when you approach the start of the swim. You will then get 5 minutes before the next wave will set off. You must continue swimming for your 8 lengths before getting out. You will not have a length counter so must count your own lengths. If you wish to get changed in the swimming pool changing rooms before the bike section, please be aware that you will not be able to go out to transition and back into the pool again. You will need to organize what you need in a locker beforehand. You also cannot wear shoes until you have left the pool area and must exit at the same swim exit as the others that are exiting the swim, not the front entrance of the pool. You can however, leave your shoes in transition or by the rear entrance of the pool but please do not block the door for other competitors.

The Bike - 2 laps

The bike route is shown below.

bike route

Please make sure that you are familiar with the route. We will have some (but minimal) marshals and signage on the course. Before turning up to the event, please make sure your bike is roadworthy and in full working condition. Helmets are compulsory. NO HELMET, NO START. Please make sure you put on your helmet before picking up your bike. When you leave for the bike section, please do not mount your bike until you are out of the transition area and you are on the tarmac and leave the bike exit clear.

The Run - 2 laps

The run route is shown below.

run route

The run is basically 2 laps of Aireville Park following the tarmac footpaths up to the wooded area at the top of the Park and then down to the canal (more detailed directions are included in the race information sent out on registrstion).

Please be considerate to other park users as the footpaths will be in general use by the public.


Please be aware that others may still be completing the event. You can go into transition to collect you items but please see the transition marshal so that they can check your bike number with the number on your hand.